haiku is silence ~ that engages the world ~ to speak its peace

a simple haiku ~ is the inverse function of ~ life’s complexity

early morning run ~ nothing moving in the streets ~ except your footfalls

Hollywood stars ~ really forsythia-like ~ difficult to prune

trail of trials ~ attempting is tempting so ~ rely on retry

the raindrop-strewn earth ~ from seed strong and abundant ~ a river is sown

budget fights drag on ~ void of sense, figures in red ~ where is the balance?

lacking commitment ~ this trove of dirty data ~ hogging memory

pouring over ~ your poetry ~ soft torrent of gravity ~ drench me ~ with discovery

gnawing appetite ~ this hunger for acceptance ~ creates a feast of fools

ants will overrun ~ the forest of dancing bears ~ le picnic politic

without poetry ~ we retrieve without grasping ~ see without vision

on generous tides ~ breaking water of rebirth ~ life’s swimming lesson

when updates abate ~ there is time for reflection ~ wisdom’s looking glass

techno angst is ~ drooling over cutting edge ~ while working one point one

spring’s flirtatiousness ~ the unwary are beset ~ with false energy

drawn like a breath ~ held ~ unbearable fullness ~ breaks ~ into the ordinary moment

instant reaction ~ is followed by retraction ~ that laggard – context

noble Samurai ~ range and linger mise en scene ~ Spaghetti western

when updates abate ~ there is time for reflection ~ wisdom’s looking glass

on generous tides ~ breaking water of rebirth ~ life’s swimming lesson

graceful seduction ~ bee fevered orchid dancer ~ wild hothouse flower

barren tract of night ~ a lone thought stalking itself ~ sleep’s wakeful phantom

fear breaks like a wave ~ on the shores of the future ~ disavows pretense

the height of insight ~ a portion of proportion ~ bane of the inane

winter yields to spring ~ its moist breath parting seasons ~ a train whispers by

intrepid hitcher ~ pilgrim to woodland and town ~ 4 days from Saginaw

whisper thin parchment ~ ancient wisdom’s second skin ~ evokes and endures

thoughts cast about in ~ extravagant vagrancy ~ seek shelter in form

another world ~ moving in its own time ~ right beside this one ~ each more or less ~ oblivious…

he doffed his britches ~ ball bangled beast burgeoning ~ with boorish gusto

strip thyme from the stem ~ seasoning every moment ~ with life’s rich flavor

fractured thoughts ~ prismatic ~ forge ~ mayhem ~ into magic

intentions trudge through a quagmire of excuses, distractions, inertia and fear

under the street lamps ~ snow flakes chase down their shadows ~ fine and finial

an economy ~ of thought succinctly stated ~ elegantly spare

in the produce aisle ~ summer’s sweet fruit ripens to ~ midwinter excess

mongrel doggerel ~ the slip stream of a day dream ~ chasing its own tale

chance ~ is a surfeit ~ of serendipity

root of division ~ a function of derision ~ these radical numbers

though day hoards its light ~ fear not for twilight’s dim seed ~ blossoms into night

in a down market ~ each hovel of squalid thought ~ draws a hefty price

for now ~ expedience and contingency ~ preclude ~ many futures ~ for now

blossoming winter ~ your darkness thorns, ice petals ~ strange and beautiful

against rip currents ~ memory is the slip line ~ of experience

still observation ~ improves improvisation ~ thus marks more than time

marginal vision ~ (what irony!) cannot see ~ the periphery

drunk with excitement ~ now, suspended in chartreuse ~ catatonic thirst

lost in freest fall ~ the seagull, arrow of flight ~ pierced vertigo’s heart

upon the bleak shoal ~ this moribund castaway ~ awaits the neap tide

tableaux in vinyl ~ inflatable holiday ~ dutifully pumped

disrupt the orbit ~ of my solitary world ~ anti-gravity

tenderly twisting ~ plunging public opinion ~ spins its disfavor

plummet gracefully ~ verticality makes one ~ inclined to wing it

this shabby drabness ~ a laundry of listlessness ~ hangs me out to dry

attenuation ~ of continuous input ~ a pause to consider

though it feels like bliss ~ our informed ignorance is ~ its own punishment

each day crafted from ~ chance and opportunity ~ life as artistry

a soul stands baying ~ across taut wire steps desire ~ a hair’s breadth from ashes

downpour of disrepute ~ groundswell of destitute ~ thunder under the bumbershoot

in bit stream eddies ~ knowledge is unflagging yet ~ wisdom forgotten

opposites attract ~ where a hot time is brewing ~ a cold one awaits

© Opel D Hell and Improprietary Code